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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

a swimming day

we went to my sisters and went swimming today, i didnt get any pics of her swimming but i got other cute pics!

getting ready to go to my sisters.....

up close (she loves the camera)!.....

in her car seat.....

at my sisters....

in her little swimmers!, they are a size small, made for 16-26lbs and she is only 11lbs! so big but so freaking cute......

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Phillip and i had it out last night

last night hubby and i had our first real fight, and boy was it a bad one. he never backs me up with it comes to DD and i finally had it. My MIL gave my freaking 2month old a bite of ice cream!!!! are you freaking kidding me. every time i say anything to him about dd he tells me "she's fine!" ugh it gets so frustrating, and i have been holding it in for so long that i couldn't take it anymore and i blew up! he told me that he never realized that he didn't back me up so much. And i felt so bad about the whole fight and that i blew up, but we ended up talking it out, we both apologized and he actually cried (but shhhh don't tell him that i said that!)


thats how old my beautiful little baby is! can you believe it?!? i cant, where has time gone? she will be 3months old one week from today! anyway here are some pics of her from today....
this one is actually from 2days ago!

daddy and baby napping while we visited my mom in the hospital today.....
trying to decide what dress she should wear to aunt nancy's wedding this sat....

Sunday, July 20, 2008

my baby girl

Saturday, July 19, 2008

its saturday night

and im sitting her with my loving husband, doing pretty much nothing. We did go see my mom today and the nurses said that chloe is the cutest baby that they have seen. LOL its funny how many people tell me that she is beautiful. i think she is beautiful but im probably a little bias for objectivly say. grandma helman crocheted chloe a beautiful blanket, and gave it to us yesterday. Phillips grandma is not doing so good, she asked phillips little sister who she was 3 times. anyway just a quick update and heres a really cute pic of chloe.....

Friday, July 18, 2008

When it rains it pours

well mom is still in the hospital, since wed 16th, and they cleared her heart, said it looks fine. Now tomorrow she sees the neurologist, and they want to run all kinds of tests and things like that. today after visiting with my mom we came home and found out that phillip's grandma is getting worse! she has been in and out of the hospital a lot recently but is home now, and she is just not doing good. She asked phillips little sister who she was 3 times while they were visiting, and did the same thing to 2 of her sons. i personally think she is showing signs of Alzheimer's. Its going to be very hard on phillip's grandpa if she passes away. If you are out there reading this and can muster up a spare prayer we could really use it.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

just another day in the ER

so mom is once again in the hospital. and if you know me you know that its really nothing new. Her falling is getting pogressivly worse and her memory is bad. Today she couldnt even remember if she took her medicine today, and had no idea what time or day of the week it was. they found some damage to her heart in a test, so tomorrow they are going to run tests on her heart and lungs. maybe they will be able to tell us what is wrong with her. so tomorrow huby, baby and i are going to spend some time with my sister and maybe swim a littlw. then off to the hospital to visit with mom. poor hubby, his days off are going to be spent at the hospital this week.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

My First post

well its 3:47am and i sit here on the computer as Phillip sleeps and i stare at my beautiful baby sleeping in her bed. I have to wonder where has my baby gone?! My beautiful little red headed baby is 11wks old already. She is almost 3 months old. I feel like i just had her yesterday and already she is holding her head up, babbling on and on, and rolling to her side. She loves her daddy and i fall more and more in love with him everyday. watching them together makes my heart melt and I'm so glad that he is mine. I cant help but wonder what her first word is going to be (hopefully mommy!!) and what her little voice will sound like when she starts to talk. but for now I'm just going to enjoy my baby while she is still little. i truly must be the luckiest woman alive!