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Thursday, August 14, 2008

goin on vacation

to visit aunt kathy and all the family up in oregon! going to be fun, but going to miss hubby. sis, mom, chloe and i are going (girls road trip/vacation). its normally an 8-10hr car ride, but with mom needing to get out and stretch her legs every so often, and having an alomost 4month old that will need to be changed and held every so often (i wouldnt want to be stuck sitting like that for 10hrs straight if i were her), it will be more like a 12hr car ride. We are leaving at 8am on the 27th and will be there for 4days. it is going to be the first time that all my family up there will be meeting my baby girl. they are planning something for all the family while we are up there. now i have 1 1/2wks to plan what all im bringing for chloe and to get us all packed and ready to leave (sounds silly for just 4 days i know). but if i dont make a list i WILL forget something, and with a 4month old that could possibly be tragic.

a trip down memory lane...

i was uploading pics off of my old digital camera and i came across a pic of my on my last day of work when i was 7months pregnant. so here it is....


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

what do you think of a 8-10hr car ride...

with an almost 4month old baby? i got invited to go on a mini vacation to oregon to visit some aunts and uncles with mom, sis, bil, and chloekins. the problem being that we would all be in a little honda civic and dh wont be going. now i know its just 4days but it would kinda suck because we would be gone on her 4month "birthday". i would like to go to see family on one hand, and we have been talking about goting to visit there but i wanted to go and see family and visit WITH hubby, not go with everyone else and leave him home. i know it makes hubby sad for me to go without him, but he wont tell me. im so torn right now i just want to cry, this is one of those times that i wish we were rich so we could jusst rent a van and all go! sigh, such is life.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


MySpace Countdown

MySpace Countdown

MySpace Countdown

What a fun evening!

today was so much fun. We (phillip and i) took tyler and alex (nephews) to lunch with us, we met my mom there and had a great lunch, of course we had chloe with us too. After lunch all of us went to moms house and phillip and alex did some yard work while tyler and my mom shared the baby and we visited. After a while we had to take the boys home for callie's (niece, the boys step sis) birthday party, was fun, got some cute pics. the boys were very excited because when the party was over we took them back to my moms house and we taught them a new card game, and played cards over there until 11:30pm. and now they get to stay the night with us. All in All it has been a great night. i had a blast and im glad we got to play cards. plus now the boys want to go back over there with us to play again another day. and my mom said that she will pay alex $5 to mow the yard every other week, so thats an extra $10/month for him and he loves yard work!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

so much has gone on

it has been a busy couple of days. um on 8/5/08 at 4am phillips grandpa passed away. we all knew it was comming and phillips grandpa has pretty much made peace with it, but its still hard. this family could deffinantly use all they prayers we can get

on a good note my sister in law had her baby! on 8/5/08 at 1:59pm Jaylynn Lauren entered the world, weighing in at 6lbs7oz and was 18.25in long, she is just a little bit. with a full head of DARK hair. she is a spitting image of her daddy.

beautiful baby Jaylynn has her own guardian angel, her great grandma, who didnt make it to meet her but will always be watching over her.

R.I.P Barbara Hunt