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Monday, October 13, 2008

Life happens

wow i cant believe its been 4wks since i blogged. so much has happened.

october 4th~ phillip's birthday, didnt really do a whole lot, went to my cousins daughters 5th bday party, had cake and ice cream at his moms house and he opened all of his presents from his mom and his dad, he got a lot of clothes which he needed. he said he had a really great day.

October 6th~ phillip started his new job, back in construction in richmond, ca. he really likes it and the boss really likes him. and its possible that he is getting paid prevailing wages (AKA MORE MONEY)because it is at a school. all the rest of the guys are getting paid prevailing wages, but we dont know about him because he is an apprentice. i guess we will find out on his first pay check.

October 10th~ my birthday, got to sleep in, which is rare, then spent the day in stockton with my mom, my sister and chloe. my sister gave me the sleeping beauty dvd for my birthday and mom took me to get my hair cut and styled. i looked bitchen. then mom took us out to lunch, it was an all over great day.

October 11th~ ha ha ha got really cute family pics done, it was my bday present from hubby and my mother-in-law, and got some super super cute ones of chloe in a tutu and her in her dalmation halloween costume. i guess ill have to post them here later.