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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

update on chloe and pregnancy

well chloe is back on bactrim for a second round to try and see if that works for her diaper rash, along with antibiotic cream and diaper rash cream. And on top of that she cut her second tooth today. She now has both front bottom teeth. But she is doing good.

As for the pregnancy i am now 16wks4days and we had our "gender"appt today. Unfortunatly the baby had his/her legs crossed with the umbilical cord between its legs. We now have to wait until Feb 18th to try again. Dr.Mah spent a good 10mins trying to see the gender but it was a no go.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


i cant even believe it!!! Chloe is 8 1/2months old and this morning she FINALLY cut her very first tooth! I have been feeling her gums a lot lately and knew she was getting a tooth by the way her gums have felt, well i felt them this morning and there was something sharp and i just knew she had a tooth. She finally let me look and sure enough there it is, on the bottom right side is a beautiful little baby tooth. I am so proud and happy for her. My baby is starting to become a big girl!

Friday, January 16, 2009

Results are in on Chloe's infection

it is in fact a staph infection, aparently on top of being staph it is a very resistaint strain of the infection called MRSA. chloe's pedi told me and actually showed me the paper that said all the medications that it does and doesnt respond to. The antibiotic that he prescribed is one of the very few medications that it does respond to (THANK GOD). He also told me that he was pretty sure when he saw it that it was staph but he didnt want to say anything until he knew for sure, which is why he prescribed the bactrim for it. Then he told me that had he given her anything else or had it not responded to the medication she would have got straight to the hospital today to get admitted so she could receive antibiotics through the IV. Thank god he knew what he was doing and what he was dealing with. According to the pedi this is a strain of staph that he is seeing more and more frequently recently.

oh and her diaper rash is completely gone!!

chloe goes back in 2wks for her shots that we had to put of, pending the infection being completely gone when we get there.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

8days and counting down

i cant believe that i only have 8days left until we will hopefully find out if we are expecting a little Matthew Paul Hunt or a little Sophia(sophie for a nick name) Lee Hunt. Seems that the overallthought of most everyone is that this baby is a boy. I have no idea why though, but i have had 3ppl tell me in the last week that they think i am having a boy. Phillip wants a boy, i think that all men want their boy though, i dont care either way, but it would be nice to have a boy because we already have the single most perfect baby girl ever!

as of today i am 15wks 3days pregnant! 24wks 4days left until my due date!

Monday, January 12, 2009


when chloe woke up this morning i changed her diaper and it was full of blood, she isnt constipated or anything, i called her pedi and they saw her at 10am

by the time we got to the pedi chloe's diaper was again filled with blood and i started to cry. Chloe was screaming in pain as the pedi poked and prodded her poor little butt crack. She has a blood blister looking bubble on the left butt cheek at her butt crack (almost at the top of her crack). Pedi took a culture of it and squeezed the blood and puss out of it and told us it is an absesed infection and is now basically a hole there. He doesnt know exactly what caused it but we think it may we connected with the persistant diaper rash that we have been fighting. Now 3 times a day (or when the gauze is covered) we have to squeeze her owie and then completely cover it with betadine and then cover and tape gauze over it. The culture was sent out to make sure it isnt a staph infection and to basically see what type it is. She is on oral anitbiotics and a topical antibiotic plus we have to continue using her script for diaper rash cream because her rash was also bleeding when we got there (which it wasnt when we left the house)! She has to go back friday for a follow up appt to make sure that everything is ok. she was running a slight fever when we got there. She gained a whole 6oz this month and is now 19lbs6oz and grew 1/2 an inch and is now 27in long. and on top of it all she is cutting her first tooth so she is a complete bear. sigh, my poor baby

Monday, January 5, 2009

its a new year

2009 already?! you have got to be kidding me, i swear it feels lkike 2008 just started but maybe that is beacause of all the major events that took place for us this year just made it fly by. i just cant believe it.

this year(2008) we welcomed our beautiful baby girl who is fast approching 9months old, so many things are happening with her and everyday is a new adventure. Chloe is now a crawler, thats right my child is mobile, a scary and exciting day that was. She still rolls places and only crawls when she really wants to or when you want her to sit still. Yeah right, an 8month old sit still?!?! dream on. She can also pull herself up to a standing position on anything, and i do mean anything. She is slowly starting to cruise along the couches and practice her walking skills that way. What a day that will be when she takes her first steps, my little girl is growing up. I hope she is going to be a great big sister!

Phillip and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary back in october, we really didnt do anything, but my words to all the haters that didnt think we would even make it a year....its been a year and here we are, after smiles and tears and fights and laughter we are still here, standing together more in love than ever.

Thanksgiving was great, i am glad that this time around there was no morning sickness to ruine a good feast for me. We spent thanksgiving at phillip's moms house and had good food and good company. there were so many people there that all the kids had to eat on tv trays in the living room, and extra chairs were added to the kitchen table to accomodate everyone. Chloe had some carrot baby food for her dinner but was so into her grandpa & great grandpa that she couldnt even concentrate on her food, she sure does love them.

CHRISTMAS.... we spent christmas eve with my mom, went and had dinner with her and chloe got to open some of her presents. christmas day we spent out at phillip's moms house and it was chloe and jaylynn's first christmases. Chloe got tons of toys and a couple really cute outfits. We gave both of our moms a framed ultrasound pic that said "baby hunt, due to arrive, july 2009" and that is how we announced to everyone that we are expecting a new baby.

the new baby.....he/she looks healthy and happy and is measuring right on schedual, i had my first doc appt at 8wks where they did an ultrasound to confirm a due date. I am in fact due on July 4th 2009, But with a c-section will have the baby in late june. I am going to be 7months pregnant at my daughters first birthday party, that is going to be intresting. We should hopefully be finding out gender of the new baby on January 21st, depending on babys positioning, cooperation of the little one and how full my bladder is. This pregnancy has in general been so much easier than my pregnancy with chloe. I have had no morning sickness or anything (knock on wood). I cant believe that in a span of 14months my mom went from having to grandkids to she will have 4! There will be 4 grandkids under 1 1/2!!!! seems so crazy