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Thursday, April 2, 2009

26wk doctors appt

Well on tuesday i went for my 26week check up to make sure that baby and i are both doing fine. Appointment went great i am down another 3 lbs, for a total loss of 14lbs so far this pregnancy. My doctor isnt really concerned since i am fat already, but he did tell me this time to start eating more since i have lost more weight at every single appt. My blood pressure was great 117/68 (i believe), and i passed my 1 hour glucose test (no gestational diabetes for me!!!). And my anemia test came back normal, which means unlike with chloe my iron levels were good. No ultrasound at that appt but we did get to hear the sweet sweet sound of our baby girl's heart. Needless to say that phillip left that appointmen with a huge smile on his face!!! I cant believe that we are getting close enough that my appts are now 3wks apart instead of 4. SCARY