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Avery's birth story

Sunday, August 30, 2009


i cant believe where the time went. My little baby is now a little girl, a little 16month old girl that is. She is all personality, she is opinionated and will let you know exactly what she thinks. She is a total daddies girl, she loves her daddy more than anything in the entire world. She is a goofball and has the most contagious laugh, everytime she laughs so does everyone around her. She is loving, she loves to give us kisses and big hugs and when she is tired she will lay her head on my shoulder and pat my back. My baby is a big girl and turned that way right before my very eyes. Chloe is now 26lbs 30in tall. She is wearing a size 12-18months (but can still wear a 6month size romper). And size 4diapers.

and now some more recent pictures.....

getting ready to leave the house.....

walking to the truck (i love this pic)....

the cutest DR.PEPPER ad ever (or at least it should be.....

picnic at the park (yummy peanut butter and jelly sandwich)....

playing at the park...

sitting at the big slide with daddy....

climbing up to the big slide by herself....

she didnt like going down the little slide alone....

but everything is better with daddy....

but most of all she LOVES the swing......

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

sick chloe= weepy whiney chloe

and it also makes for one very very tired mommy. Right now chloe is sick, coughing with a runny nose and is running a little warm too. Of course when she is sick all she ever wants all day long is mommy. She wants me to hold her almost all the time and when she wants to nap, it is almost certainly going to be on mommies chest. I love to feel needed but sometimes it gets overwhelming being the only person that she wants all the time. Just a little 5min breather would be nice.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

let the wedding planning begin

BRIDESMAID~ Kathy (grooms sister)


the wedding dress i want badly but will never be able to afford...¤tIdx=8&subCategory=-49999486%7c-49998998%7c-49995489&catentryId=6096814&sort=

and the maid of honor dress (in sangria color)-

bridesmaids dresses~(in sangria color)

father/daughter dance~ i loved her first -heartland (phillip/chloe and laura/larry (grandpa))

first dance~ amazed-lonestar

i am going to add to my wedding planning list and ideas as we go, but any suggestions on songs and dances are much welcomed.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

I cant believe it has been 3months

3 whole months since McKenzie's birth. the days are getting easier and easier, but i miss her just as much as i did then. i long for her kicks and her tumbles but i know in my heart of hearts that Memaw is taking good care of her up there in heaven. in the mail today came a shirt that a friend custom made for me with the blue and pink ribbon (pregnancy/infant loss awareness) and under it said McKenzie Lee Hunt her store is so check it out, she does amazing work.

today we went and released 2 pink balloon for kenzie at the cemetary, i hope it reaches her. WE LOVE YOU LITTLE ONE!!!!!

anyway here are some pics from our day


Monday, August 10, 2009

today i cried

today was what i will consider a "bad day", although i dont really think it was bad, but in terms of crying and McKenzie, it was a bad day. Phillip told me today that he likes to drive up union to work every morning just so that he can blow McKenzie a kiss and tell her he loves her. I cried today, i cried looking at McKenzie's picture hanging on our wall. I cried because she would be almost 3months old, and i remember the things chloe was doing at 3months and how much i am missing out on. I know i am missing out on a lot of things and really it makes my heart ache. Today i cried and really it felt ok to cry.