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Friday, November 27, 2009

almost 19month stats and more

We had to take chloe to the doctor for her shots on wednesday, she ended up getting 4 shots, including the H1N1.
The doctor is very impressed with her verbal/speech skills, she talks up a storm and even had the nurses laughing. She did amazing and only cried for a minute, literally as soon as we walked out of the little room we were in she was done. The nurses really really like her and tend to spoil her in the sticker department. Along with all the stickers for being so good they gave her a book called "hugs and kisses".

chloe's stats:
last time....
weight: 27lbs
height: 30in (according to the nurse on wed)

wednesday 11/25/09...
weight: 26lbs 9oz (a 7oz weight loss)
height: 34in tall! (a 4in growth spurt)

they are not at all concerned with her weight loss. They told me its due to a combination of her becomming more active and the fact that she had such a large growth spurt. She is about as tall as a 2yr old, which is really impressive since she was off to such a slow start. They think she is going to be tall like her daddy, so i guess we will see.
All of chloe's height is in her torso, just like her dad. She is already starting to outgrow 18month size shirts for no other reason that her tummy hangs out because they are not long enough. I can see already that she is going to have short legs and a long body, so she will outgrow the length of shirts long before she outgrows the lengeth in pants.

Chloe is really really verbal with her wants and needs, and she lets you know exactly how it is. She is amazing and fun with a sense of humor already. She has started to sing the barney song to me and will walk up and sing "i love you, you love me, were a happy family" but thats as far as she gets. She LOVES LOVES LOVES to dance.

i fall more in love with my girl every day, i love being her mommy.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

have you ever thought... "why me?"

a lot of the year 2009 for me has been thinking "why me?". why do we have the kind of luck we do? In reality i shouldnt be asking why me. Some, ok, most people think i have terrible luck after hearing about my year, but really there is always a bright side right? I have a beautiful amazing and smart daughter that keeps me going everyday. I have a teeny tiny little angel that i know kept me safe on the freeway the day of our accident, afterall her sister still needs me.

Today i realized that i have a lot to be thankful for this year. so here is my list of thankfuls.

i am thankful for....

*my daughter, she can always find a way to make me smile
*my husband, who has been there to hug me on my darkest days
*my family, they may not all be sane but they are mine!
*my internet friends, they have listened to me cry, bitch and piss and moan. Yet they always manage to give me a ((HUG)) and tell me that ill be ok.
*McKenzie Lee, she has given me the strength that i never knew i had

Monday, November 23, 2009

who wants to make a guess?

chloe goes to the doctor on wednesday for her chicken pox vaccine and her flu shot, so who wants to guess her height/weight?! in sept/october she was 27lbs 29 or 30in (depends on who you ask). So now everyone that reads this needs to leave a comment with their guess!

Friday, November 20, 2009

bah life got busy

i cant believe i have let my blog go for so long. Life has gotten so busy having a toddler around. We converted chloe's bed back into a crib last night and i honestly dont remember the last time she slept that great. She now has 16 teeth and knows exactly what they are for. She loves to "brush" her own teeth. We go into the pedi on wednesday for chloe's chicken pox vaccine and her flu shot, lovely thing to do right before thanksgiving. I am actually really anxious to see how much she weighs and how tall she is.

I have realized through everything that has happened this year just what amazing and true friends i really have, and actually have a few things i want to say to them/about them and where better place to do it than here...

susan is one of the kindest and most amazing people i have never met! she is beautiful inside and out and i know our daughters are keeping eachother company!

Trish, LOL my sticker pen pal, always knows when i need and encouraging word and is always there to offer it! amazing and artistic and a great person all around.

my sister Amber, we fight like cats and dogs and have different views on everything. But she is great none the less and always there when i need a shoulder. When times get tough we stick together and she never hesitates to drop everthing to be at my side when i need her. i will always be thankful that i got a great big sister, and chloe just loves her auntie.

moving on.... some more recent pictures....

chloe and jaylynn, cousins 3months apart...

the caged beast...