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Saturday, August 27, 2011

what october looks like for us

what october looks like for us

Saturday October 1st- In-laws wedding anniversary
Sunday October 2nd- H.A.N.D service of remembrance
Tuesday October 4th- Phillip's 27th birthday
Monday October 10th- My 26th birthday
Wednesday October 19th- Kathy (sister in law)'s birthday
Thursday October 20th- one year to the day we found out Avery was going to be an early bird
Sunday October 23rd- AVERY'S FIRST BIRTHDAY (and probably her party)
Thursday October 27th- Happy 4yr wedding anniversary to Phillip and I
Sunday October 31st- trick or treating with the girls

If you are reading this and I have left anything out please just let me know and I will add it so i don't forget

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

over a month since my last update

I really don't feel like that much time has passed but I lose track of the days pretty easily. The kids are keeping me busy and now that Avery is mobile my life has gotten a ton busier.

August was a really busy month for us. We moved from Manteca to Turlock, into our own apartment and I am still working on getting everything put away. We have no pictures on the walls yet (except for a frame of pics of my dad sitting on top of the heater), which actually makes me kind of sad because I am really looking forward to hanging pics of Kenzie up. We just got Internet after being without for the last month, not sure if i like it better having it or not.

I have kind of started weeding people from my life that don't need to be there. I have realized over the last month or so that Phillip and I are the only people that my kids can 100% count on, which is fine with me. Really the only people that my kids NEED are Phillip and I.

Chloe is amazing and sassy as ever. She has the vocabulary of a MUCH older child, some days i am proud (OK i am proud everyday) but some days I wish she wasn't so vocal. We got her paperwork from her 3yr check up to be able to start her in preschool, now i just need to find one here in turlock for her. I kind of worry about sending her to school because she is kind of a bossy bully but i know it would be good for her to be around kids her own age. She is having a hard time with our move, she misses being around all of her cousins all the time and is kind of acting out because of it, it **knock on wood** has gotten a lot better over the last couple of days so hopefully the worst is behind us.

Avery is growing up way too fast. Since our move she has learned to crawl, sit up (and sit herself up), she is just starting to pull up but not consistently or for any significant amount of time. She also cut her first 2 teeth!! She is 10 months old and we just let her have her first table food on Friday (she has had baby food for a while now). We let her have some bread ( a dinner roll) and she went to town on it. Yep, my daughter's first table food was bread not veggies, LOL mother of the year right here. LOL she has such a sensitive gag reflex that we were just glad to get some table food in without her gaging/choking/throwing up. Hell the kid gags on pureed baby food.

Phillip and I are doing good. He is working a LOT and is getting his transfer in about a week, but not closer to home actually farther away. He is transferring to the stockton shop and seems to be really looking forward to it.We are working on our marriage and learning to spend time together, even if it means just talking about our days. We are learning to be patient with each other, neither of us is perfect and we can't expect the other one to know what we want/need unless we tell them.

I have tons of pics of the girls, most are from my iPod and are REALLY crappy quality but as soon as Avery and I kick this cold we have I plan on going outside with them and playing/practicing with my camera, so when that happens i will post some pics. Here are a couple of newish ones i have that aren't from the iPod though.