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Monday, October 17, 2011

to my dearest daughters

Dear Chloe,
My little fireball, you are the most strong willed and hard headed person I have ever met. You remind me so much of myself when I was little. I cannot believe that you are 3.5 years old already. You have grown up so much so fast and I love you so much. Our time together is more precious than diamonds and I love when we get to spend time just the two of us. Your imagination and creativity are so far beyond what I could have ever expected of you. You remind me so much of your papa, so smart that you are devious. The world is your playground and I am so glad that I get to watch you grow and explore and become a person that is kind, loving and unique. You changed my life, you made me a mommy and you have not stopped turning my world upside down every since. I can't imagine not having you in my life. Always remember baby, you are my girl, you are special and amazing and worth the entire world. I love you more and more everyday, to the moon and baby baby girl.

Love always,

Dear McKenzie,
You are my angel. You are with me every moment of everyday. Every time your sisters wake up smiling I know its because of you. I know that they feel you with everything in them. You watch over us, all of us. You are the guardian angel to your sisters. I know that you protect them and keep them safe for me. I miss you with every second that passes and when I think about living the rest of my life without you it takes my breath away. I close my eyes and think about you and I see you in my dreams. When I take that extra time for and extra long blink its because I see you when I close my eyes and I don't want to open them. I just want to keep them closed and watch you forever. I remember every detail of you, and the way you felt so perfect in my arms. I love you my little angel, to the moon and back.

love always,

Dear Avery,
My little bit. You came into our lives and completely changed our world. You were the smallest baby I had ever seen. I couldn't believe that the tiny little baby with a baseball sized head was mine. You have been a fighter since day one. You have proved to everyone that you my dear may have the Hunt last name but baby girl you are a Littlefield through and through. You have always done things in your own time and just when we want to throw our hands up you prove to us that patience is a virtue that maybe we need a little more of. You captured the hearts of your daddy and I. You turned your sister's world completely upside down and backwards and you do it with a smile. You are going to do amazing things someday baby. I love you to the moon and back.

Love always,

To all 3 of my girls,
You have made me the proudest mommy in the whole world. When I think about how amazing and lucky I am I feel like my heart might burst from joy. My eyes fill with tears because I know just how much you have enriched my life. The world will be a better place having had you girls here. Thank you for making me a better person!

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